If you know anything about zombies you know that it takes a head-shot to kill them and after you kill one more just keep on coming. When defending yourself from the zombie hord reliability is a must and everything you find at VertexOps.com is going to perform and keep you alive! All while looking pretty damn bad ass.


Select Your Parts

Everything we carry is of the highest quality and will improve the dependibility of your AR15/AR10 Zombie Gun.


Add Them On

You can build an AR from the ground up or enhance one that you already have. We are here to help if you have any questions.


Fire Away

Most importantly, enjoy your zombie gun and remember to aim for the head!

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Save 5%

on all Zombie Green color parts purchased from VertexOps.com. Use code GreenZombies when checking out. (Exp. 10/31/2016)

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